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David L. Benjamin – Conductor & Clarinet

The name DAVID BENJAMIN is synonymous with music in Gloucester. He directs concerts, produces concert series, teaches young and adult students, conducts concerts all over the North Shore and generally promotes “Community Music” wherever he goes. He retired in 2012 as the Director of the Elementary and Middle School Bands and the String program in the Gloucester Public Schools; where he administered the staff and recruited the students. He then prepared them for many performances in the community during the school year.
David retired as the business manager for the Cape Ann Symphony in 2018, serving in that capacity for thirty five years. This was some of his most fulfilling work. The orchestra performs four series concerts and one youth concert each year. Mr. B, as he is known, was the “chief cook and bottle washer”, taking care of many of the tasks involved in running the orchestra. He played clarinet in the orchestra as well. Week-ends may find him performing with a variety of different bands through out the North Shore or performing as a soloist in a church service.
David is the Conductor of the North Shore Concert Band. Under his baton, they perform an annual summer series of free outdoor concerts. Concert bands have been a tradition on the North Shore for well over 150 years. Thanks to Dave, that tradition continues.David is also the founder and conductor of the Cape Ann Community Band in Gloucester, Mass.

He began his studies as a youngster in the Gloucester Public Schools. Continued study led him to Holyoke Community College, The Smith College Music Dept., and The University of Mass. at Lowell (BM) and Lesley College (Master of Ed.).

His Favorite musical genre is Jazz & his favorite song to play is A Foggy Day. As Founder of the North Shore Concert Band, David has been with the band for over 30 years!